Mark Borsuk, Ph.D.

PI, Community Engagement Core
Toxic Metals Superfund Research Program
Thayer School of Engineering
Dartmouth College
131 Cummings Hall
Hinman Box 8000
Hanover, NH 03755

Tel: 603-646-9944
Fax: 603-646-2277
E-mail: Mark.E.Borsuk@Dartmouth.Edu

Areas of Expertise: Decision theory; integrated systems modeling and management; Bayesian statistics, uncertainty analysis; risk assessment; valuation methods; imprecise probabilities; sustainability science

Background: B.S.E., Civil Engineering and Operations Research, Princeton University 1995 M.S., Statistics and Decisions Sciences, Duke University 2001 Ph.D., Environmental Science and Policy, Duke University 2001

Experience: Mark's research broadly concerns the use of scientific information in complex decision processes. More specifically, he develops methods and models that integrate knowledge and data across disciplines to support environmental and human health policy and management. He uses multiattribute utility theory to relate these predictions to the preferences and risk attitudes of decision-makers, organizations, and the public.