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Enhancer Traps in Arabidopsis

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Potential Thesis projects
We carried out a genetic screen to identify additional components of the AP3/PI pathway.  Specifically, we utilized an unusual partial loss-of-function allele of PI to identify enhancers and suppressors.  Presently, we are characterizing four enhancers and one suppressor (called B CLASS MODIFIER (BCM) genes).  We have cloned the BCM1 gene (also called DORNRÖSCHEN-LIKE) and it encodes an AP2 domain transcription factor.  We are presently trying to understand how BCM1 functions in petal and stamen development in Arabidopsis. 

Potential thesis projects include:

1) to elucidate the relationship between the auxin morphogen gradient and BCM1 function, and to molecularly and genetically characterize one (or more) of the BCM2, BCM3, BCM4, and/or BCM5 genes.

2) A second area of interest in the lab is the molecular and genetic characterization of members of the REM gene family in Arabidopsis.  Presently, we have many tools at our disposal toarabidopsis2 approach this problem.  We have potential loss-of-function mutations (from T-DNA insertion collections) in the majority of the REM genes; these lines need to be analyzed for phenotypes.  We are attempting to generate phenotypes by ectopic expression and RNAi.  We are also trying to determine the spatial and temporal expression patterns for members of this intriguing gene family of unknown function.


Feel free to stop by my lab/office anytime if you would like to hear a more detailed description of any of these projects.