The Journal: Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies

The Cultural Studies track allows students to explore diverse fields such as gender studies, ethnic studies, media & performance studies, post-colonial studies and many other topics. Below are the articles from the current edition of The Journal.

Fall 2015

The Cyborg in Pieces: Gender Identity in Her and Ex Machina - Katherine Emery Brown

Much dialogue on artificial intelligence centers upon whether consciousness is possible in various forms of technology. Spike Jonze's Her and Alex Garland's Ex Machina present two very distinct cinematic portraits of artificial intelligence.

From the Good Death to the Good Life: American Sensibilities About Death as Seen Through Obituaries - Judith Endrizal Louras

Although the portrayals of individuals provided by newspaper obituaries are disconnected from biological death and subsequent post-mortem rituals, these memorializations provide not only announcements of people’s deaths and narratives of their
lives but also insights into the times in which they lived.