The Journal: Creative Writing

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing track gives students the opportunity to engage in non-fiction, fiction, personal essay, screenwriting, poetry and journalism projects. Below are the articles from the current edition of The Journal.

Fall 2015

Harper - Katherine Emery Brown

We call each other
everything except by name.
I name her what she is not.

Dryad - Thea E. Calitri-Martin

I first noticed her on my way to work
About ten years ago
Standing by the side of the road

The House Upon its Knees - Jennifer C. Cormack

Old House upon its knees, pardon un-ease.
You know I'm here to give the time—to live,
A lonely life. To spend till summer's end

The House of Mirth - Jennifer C. Cormack

This is the House of Mirth.
This is the boy
that dances in the House of Mirth.

Gemstone Day - Jennifer C. Cormack

Clouds s p r e a d
the sapphire sky
from east to west—

The Visa Bill - Sarah Decker

The Visa contains it all. She isn't allowed cash to spend or checks to write. Every "single damn" expenditure goes on the Visa. It is her only means of monetary freedom and yet it follows behind her like a loathed accountant tallying each purchase.

My Ex - András Gerevich

I saw him in a restaurant yesterday
but he didn't recognise me, his shaved head
turning off to think.

In Defense of My Memory - Amira Hamouda

From a very young age, I have often been accused of having a bad memory. The first accusations came from my cousins, whose conception of a fun indoor game consisted of identifying people in the framed pictures that hung from the walls of my grandmother's house.

Mornings - Justine Kohr

I sense the sunlight behind my eyelids, a hazy filter of orange. I turn over on my side, the inflatable mattress squeaking under my weight. I know it's no use. This is it. I'm awake for the day. But it's okay, because this is my first morning of vacation in California, and I'm eager to make the most of it.

Hear in New Hampshire - Maura Murphy

Seven voices exist within these pages. They have each experienced the struggles and triumphs resulting from human handicaps. Some have undergone these experiences firsthand. Others have watched from a close range while a loved one encounters both the successes, and challenges, of living with a disability.