About: Editors


Winter 2014


Erin Tiernan - Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Erin graduated from Regis University where she received a bachelor’s degree in English and Philosophy. Afterwards she worked as a freelance writer and editor as well as an editorial assistant for several publications in Denver, Colorado. Erin came to Dartmouth’s MALS program in the fall of 2012 and is currently working on her thesis regarding modern Irish American writing in Boston and its role in modern cultural studies and literary studies.

Associate Editors

Amani Liggett received her bachelor’s degree in English and Philosophy at UC Davis in 2011. Afterwards she worked as an inner-city reading comprehension tutor in Sacramento, as well as a grant-writer for a Sacramento-based nonprofit that focused on refugee resettlement, victims of human trafficking, and helping the financially illiterate. Amani came to Dartmouth’s MALS program in fall of 2013 and is currently studying creative writing.

John M. Rodgers taught high school English for a number of years at Daewon Foreign Language High School in Seoul, Korea before returning to his home state of New Hampshire to attend Dartmouth College. John also served as a writer and editor for several publications in Korea including 3WM and Groove Magazine where he currently serves as editor-at-large. He has written for the International Herald Tribune, the New York Times, the Asia Times, The Korea Herald and the Korea Times, among others. He is focusing on second-language education, and composition here at the College, and he is working with the international section of freshman composition.


Yuqian Cai enrolled in MALS this past summer and now is halfway toward completing the Creative Writing Concentration. Studying writing with Prof. Kreiger, Lelchuk, and Hebert, he plans to submit a collection of short stories for his master thesis. Prior to coming to Dartmouth, Yuqian lived in Suzhou (his hometown) and Beijing, and studied in Michigan, Vermont, Germany, and Greece. Though he majored in Philosophy until his senior year, he graduated last year magna cum laude in Classical Civilization from Kalamazoo College, which he chose partly because he fancied the college's name, as if it were an amalgam of a Russian novel and a Native American tale. Apart from creative writing, his interests range from music and political philosophy to archaeology and comparative poetics, and he conducted a series of interviews with a dozen ex-ambassadors in 2012, two of which are published in the Chinese Journal of Cold War International History Studies last December. This winter in New Hampshire, he enjoys staring at the trembling and tranquilizing snowflakes, which dance down from heaven.

Robert Cotter - Originally from Philadelphia, Rob earned his B.A. at Ursinus College, where he studied philosophy and English. Rob's current research interests focus on issues in ethics, logic, and theories of practical reason. When he isn't doing philosophy, Rob also serves as a graduate TA in writing composition courses for Dartmouth freshmen.

Henry Paige is a MALSian on the Cultural Studies track. He joined Dartmouth after teaching middle school in Boston Public Schools for 8 years. Under the name of H. Hassan Paige, he has published a book of poetry entitled, “Prometheus deMannequin in Looking for Love” as part of a series he is currently working on.