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Department of Theater
Dartmouth College
6204 Hopkins Center
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-3104
Fax: 603-646-1757
Email: Department.of.Theater@Dartmouth.EDU
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I am interested in applying to Dartmouth and I'm particularly interested in the theater. Should I schedule an audition or an interview with you?

  • Although the Theater faculty and staff are happy to meet with you to discuss the Theater Department and to answer your questions when you visit the campus, auditions and interviews are not conducted by members of the Theater Department faculty.

Should I send audition materials to you?

  • If you have materials that you would like to be reviewed, they should be sent directly to the Admissions Office and not to the Theater Department. The Admissions Office will refer such materials to the appropriate Theater faculty member for review. Fill out the Arts Supplement Form with your Common Application and submit a DVD that showcases your talents. DVD's should not be more than five minutes long. If you are a playwright, submit a play. If you are a director, submit a case book. If you are a designer, submit a portfolio. Whatever materials you think will best represent your talents, send it in with the Arts Supplement Form to the Admissions Office.

May I see the facilities?

  • Tours of the Theater Department theaters (the Moore and the Warner Bentley Theaters), costume and scene shops and the rehearsal rooms, are conducted by either Maggie Devine-Sullivan, Department Administrator or Nicole Yokum, Academic Assistant. It's not necessary to schedule an appointment beforehand, although it is helpful.

How do students audition for a role in the productions?

  • At the beginning of each term sign-up sheets are posted in Shakespeare Alley in the Hopkins Center. Any Dartmouth undergraduate can audition, not just the majors or the upperclassmen, and first-year students may even be cast in leading roles. Please monitor the Theater Department Website as well for announcements concerning auditions. During the first week of the term the Theater Department also hosts an information session concerning upcoming productions for that term.

What happens if I get called back?

  • The times of call backs are announced on the audition board and at the auditions.

I don't want to act but I'd like to be involved in a play.

  • Great! There are a lot of opportunities for students to become involved in the construction of the sets and costumes, in lighting and sound design, and in stage management. At the start of each term the technical staff recruits students to work in the shops. Information is posted on the bulletin board in Shakespeare Alley and on the Theater Department website.

Can anyone take an acting class or is it just for people who want to be actors?

  • All theater classes are open to the whole campus. Acting I, Theater 30, is a very popular course and we often have more students interested in taking the class than we can accommodate. Professors hold interviews with interested undergraduate students at the beginning of the term in which the course is offered. These are not auditions. 

How do I sign up for an acting class?

  • You must be interviewed by the Professor. After all interviews are conducted, they will set the class roster and determine who gets in. Interviews typically last 6-7 minutes. These are not auditions. Acting I is one of the most popular courses on campus. We traditionally get twice as many students interviewing as we have slots for. For example, normally an Acting I class consists of 16 students. We often have 35-40 students interviewing to get into that class. Interview sign up sheets will appear in Shakespeare Alley on the first day of classes. You must come in person to sign up. Shakespeare Alley is located in the Hopkins Center. Enter the lobby, go left around the Moore Theater, go through Glass Door, marked Shakespeare Alley. The sign up sheets will be posted in that hallway on the cork board the first day of classes, with interviews taking place on the second day of the term. 

Do I need to prepare anything for a class interview?

  • No. You may wish to bring a theater resume if you have done some acting in the past, but it is not required. 

Where is Shakespeare Alley?

  • Enter Hopkins Center Lobby.
    Head towards the Moore Theater and follow to the left.
    Look for a glass door with white lettering announcing "Shakespeare Alley".
    Go through the glass door.
    Professors' offices, the Green Room, and the Theater Department offices are located in this hallway.

How do I find out what shows are happening each term?

  • Please check our website for the latest information, or visit the Department offices in Shakespeare Alley. 

What do I do if I want to see a certain play produced?

  • You can email the Director of Theater. This position is currently held by Professor Jamie Horton for academic year 2013-2014.

Can I direct a play without taking a directing class?

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