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Jose Joaquin Garcia, Patricia Herrera and Jesse A. Myers lead a workshop on Theater and Social Justice

photo of workshop instructors

Click HERE to read about this workshop in the Bentley on October 11




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Theater Major Requirements for '17s

The Major 


Ten major courses, as enumerated within the following categories:

1. Five courses in theater studies:

a. The following three courses in Theater Studies are required:

    • Theater 15: Theater and Society I: Classical and Medieval Performance
    • Theater 16: Theater and Society II: Early Modern Performance 
    • Theater 17: Theater and Society III: 19th and 20th Century Performance

b. Any two of the following theater studies courses:

    • Theater 1: Introduction to Theater*
    • Theater 10: Special Topics in Theater(with approval of the Chair)
    • Theater 10/RUS 18: Russian Theater
    • Theater 10/CLST 2: The Tragedy and Comedy of Greece and Rome
    • Theater 22: Black Theater, U.S.A.
    • Theater 23: Topics in African Theater and Performance
    • Theater 24: Asian Performance Traditions
    • Theater 62: Plays in Performance: Perception and Analysis (FSP)
    • Theater 80: Independent Study

*Theater 1 satisfies the Theater Studies course fulfillment only if it is completed before Theater 15, 16, and 17.

With prior approval of the Chair, up to one course in theater studies from another department may be used to fulfill this category, including but not limited to:

    • English 15: Shakespeare I
    • English 34: American Drama
    • English 39: Modern British Drama

2. Four courses in theater practice:

a. The following course in theater production is required:

    • Theater 40: Technical Production

b. Majors are required to take at least one of the performance courses:

    • Theater 10: Special Topics in Theater (with approval of the Chair)
    • Theater 26: Movement Fundamentals I
    • Theater 27: Movement Fundamentals II
    • Theater 28: Dance Composition
    • Theater 29: Dance Theater Performance
    • Theater 30: Acting I
    • Theater 36: The Speaking Voice for the Stage
    • Theater 50: Playwriting I
    • Theater 51: Playwriting II
    • Theater 54: Directing
    • Theater 60: Classical Performance I
    • Theater 61: Classical Performance II
    • Theater 65: Drama in Performance
    • Theater 80: Independent Study

c. Majors are required to take at least one course in theater design/management:

    • Theater 10: Special Topics in Theater (with approval of the Chair)
    • Theater 41: Stage Management
    • Theater 42: Scene Design I
    • Theater 43: Scene Design II
    • Theater 44: Lighting Design I
    • Theater 45: Composition and Design
    • Theater 48: Costume Design I
    • Theater 80: Independent Study

The Culminating Experience

In their final year, all majors must complete the following course to satisfy their culminating experience in theater:

  • Theater 90: Contemporary Practices in U.S. Theater

Production Requirement

Every theater major is expected to complete four production credits. Theater production credits demonstrate competence in theater production by active and sustained participation in theater offerings at the Hopkins Center or elsewhere with approval of the Department. Sustained participation shall consist of completing production credits for Department of Theater productions or productions sponsored by the Department of Theater. Production credits will be completed under faculty supervision. Production credits must include a minimum of 25 hours of participation.

One production credit must be fulfilled by serving as a stage manager or assistant stage manager for a mainstage production. Or, the student may complete THEA 41: Stage Management to fulfill this requirement. With prior approval of the Director of Theater, a Shakespeare Alley Showcase (SAS) production may also fulfill this requirement.One production credit must be fulfilled by serving on a production's crew or working in the shops.Two production credits may be fulfilled with any category of theater production, with the exception of work associated with Theater 40: Technical Production. This includes: courses with a production componen; tacting in productions; participation in a production crew and/ or working in the shops; stage management; directing; designing; playwriting, when the script is produced under the sponsorship of the Department; dramaturgy.

In some cases, work-study hours may count toward the fulfillment of the production requirement with Departmental approval.

The Modified Major 

A student who wishes to combine the study of theater with a related field may apply to the Department for a modified major. Such a program shall contain seven courses from the theater major beyond the prerequisites (Theater 1 and 40) and four courses that count toward the major(s) in the related department(s) or program(s). Modified majors must take two courses in theater studies (15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 62, or 10 upon approval or English 24, 26, 47, 54 upon approval). Modified majors are required to take at least one of the performance courses (26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 36, 54, 60, 61, or 10 upon approval) and one of the design courses (41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 48, or 10 upon approval). Students taking a modified major must fulfill three production requirements. One production credit must be as a stage manager or assistant stage manager for one mainstage production or the completion of Theater 41. With prior approval of the Director of Theater, a Shakespeare Alley Showcase production may be substituted. One production credit must be for production crew or working in the shops and the other production credit can be in any category (please see "Production requirement" for specifics). The Culminating Experience in Theater must also be completed. In recent years modified majors in Theater have been formed with Art History, Classics, English, Film and Media Studies, French, Music, and Spanish. The program must receive the prior approval of the Chair of the Theater Department.

The Minor

The requirements for a Theater minor are six courses including the prerequisite to the major (Theater 40). These six courses shall include no more than one Theater 80 and no more than two courses outside of the Department that would normally be accepted for the major.

There will be two production requirements, at least one of which must be in an area other than acting. A written rationale must be submitted by the student and approved by the Chair.

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