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The training effort consists of a survey of existing system-level, computer-security courses.

Information gathering: The first step was to gather as much information about different organizations offering courses in computer security. More than 150 organizations were reviewed.

We were able to further narrow down the list to 55 by weeding them out due to courses offered in too specific areas (i.e. system specific) and length of courses (i.e. university/technical school – full-term courses). Out of these 55 organizations we selected 9 to further survey existing system- level courses, determine which areas are already suitable for a law-enforcement audience.

On the following page you will find a matrix for the 9 organizations selected for further investigation.

Authors of this report:

Lori Terino
Research Associate, IRIA

Input and assistance received from: Robert Gray, Trey Gannon, Bonnie Archampong, Andrew MacPherson, Kevin O'Shea, Kathleen Cassidy.

Selected courses for further investigation

OrganizationsAverage Lenth of CoursesOn-Site TrainingOn-line TrainingDiscounts AvailableAvailable Courses
System Administration, Networking and Security
More SANS Information
6 days
Same organization discount:
4 or more 10%
8 or more 15%
12 or more 20%
must register same day

Early registration - $100 off
  • Security Essentials Bootcamp and the CISSP 10 Domains
  • Firewalls, Perimeter Protection and VPNS
  • Intrusion Detection - w/certification
  • Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling
  • Securing Windows
  • Securing Unix
  • Auditing Networks Perimeters and Systems
  • Systems Forensics, Investigations, and Response
  • Security +S
  • IT Security Audit Essentials
  • Security Leadership Essentials for Managers
  • CSI
    Computer Security Institute
    More CSI Information
    3 daysAll public seminars may be presented on-siteNoMembers
    Not all seminars
  • 3-day CISSP Prep-for-Success Workshop How to Perform a Technical Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Internet Security Tools and Techniques
  • Hands on Hacking
  • Introduction to Computer and Network Security
  • Intrusion Detection, Attacks and Counter Measures
  • Practical Forensics: How to manage IT Investigations
  • Introduction to End-to-End Digital Forensic Analysis
  • Practical Guide to Encryption and Certificate Authorities
  • Technical Recovery of Electronic Evidence
  • Windows 2000 Security
  • Point A to Z: A Primer on Data Communications Security
  • Advanced Secure Cisco Pix Firewalls
  • Return on Investment for Information Security
  • How to Develop Security Stands and Procedures
  • Facilitated Risk Analysis for Business and Security
  • How to be an Effective Information Security Professional
  • How to Create and Sustain a Quality Security Awareness Program
  • How to Develop Information Security Standards and Policies
  • How to Develop a Winning Security Architecture
  • Defense Against Social Engineering and Identity Theft
  • Rapid Roll-Out of an Asset Classification Program
  • The Training Camp
    More Training Camp Information
    7-14 daysNoNoCorporate discounts
  • Security Architecture and Models
  • Access Controls, System and Methodology
  • Application and Systems Development
  • Operations Security
  • Cryptography
  • Telecommunications and Network Security
  • Security Management Practices
  • Physical Security
  • Business Continuity and Planning(BCP)
  • Law, Investigation and Ethics
  • NW3C
    The National White Collar Crime Centre
    More NW3C Information
    2-4 daysNoYesMembers only discounts
  • Basic Data Recovery and Analysis
  • Advanced Data Recovery and Analysis, Windows 95 through ME
  • Advanced Data Recovery and Analysis, Windows NT through XP
  • Advanced Data Recovery and Analysis, Internet Trace Evidence
  • Sytex Services
    More Sytex Information
    5-10 daysNoNoGovernment Pricing only
  • Networks and Networking For Agents and System Security and Exploitation
  • Advanced Intrusion Investigator’s Course (UNIX)
  • Advanced Intrusion Investigator’s Course (NT)
  • Windows NT Network Security Assessment Course
  • Senior Executive Computer Security Course
  • World Wide Web Security Training Course
  • New Technologies Inc.
    More New Technologies Information
    2-3 daysNoNoGovernment and Law Enforcement Only
  • Computer Forensics and Security Risk
  • Expert Testimony on Computer - Evidence Course
  • CompuForensics
    More CompuForensics Information
    1-6 daysNoNoMultiple registrations and HTCIA membership
  • Computer Forensics Examiner Basic Course
  • Computer Forensics Examiner Advanced Course
  • Computer Forensics First Responder (Laboratory)
  • Compuer Forensics Program Manager
  • LC Technology International
    More LC Technology Information
    2-7 daysNoLaw EnforcementNo
  • High Tech Crime Investigators Course (3 Levels)
  • Computer Fraud Investigators Course
  • Digital S.W.A.T.
  • Network Security Intrusion and Detection
  • Personal Digital Device Forensics
  • NSA Sponsored IAM Training
  • Online Child Pornography Course
  • High Tech Prosecutors Course
  • Interrogating High Tech Offenders Course
    The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
    More IACIS Information
    80 hours, 2 weeksNoNoOpen to Law Enforcement Law Enforcement Computer Forensics Training

    This "More Information" section will give a general introduction of each organization and a course list with a brief description of each course. Irrelevant courses will be listed under "Other Courses" and course descriptions have been omitted.

    Most information has been retrieved from the individual organizations web site. For additional information on any organization please see the the "More Information" section under each organizations title or visit there web sites as listed in the matrix above.

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