Forever New: A Ten Year Report

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The Ochieng’ Brothers

Photo of Milton and Fred Ochieng’

“There is a set of wonderful mentors who students can interact with closely. I only took one class with Professor Andrew Friedland, and yet he learned of my vision and helped direct me to the right people. I met Dr. William Young during the Nicaragua community service trip, and he’s been a guide, mentor, and friend in helping me pursue my dreams. People at the Dickey Center, Tucker Foundation, and elsewhere all helped me amass the knowledge and build my confidence to realize that with determination and faith, anything is possible.”
—Milton Ochieng’ ’04

“At Dartmouth students are eager to do something to make things better for people who are disadvantaged. There are several opportunities for plain heart-to-heart sharing with students with diverse backgrounds who have witnessed inequalities and are willing to challenge themselves and cause change. It’s a very supportive community with people who are willing to listen, offer ideas, and help move things forward. It’s inspiring to see that people believe in and embrace what you are trying to do.”
—Fred Ochieng’ ’05

The Ochieng’ brothers grew up in Lwala, a small village in rural Kenya, Africa. After graduating from Dartmouth, the two overcame daunting obstacles to successfully build a medical clinic in their hometown.

At Dartmouth, Milton and Fred played varsity soccer and were members of the Navigators Christian Fellowship at Dartmouth. Both also were active in Tucker Foundation activities and programs. Milton participated in a community service trip to Nicaragua that was the inspiration to build the Lwala medical clinic, which opened in April 2007. Milton now is a resident at the Washington University School of Medicine; Fred will graduate from Vanderbilt University Medical School in June 2009.

Forever NewA Ten Year Report