Forever New: A Ten Year Report

Dartmouth Enduring
Peggy Epstein Tanner ’79

Photo of Peggy Epstein Tanner

“…From the moment Eric was accepted, I have cherished sharing the Dartmouth experience. I think Dartmouth today is an even stronger and better college with greater diversity and more social and academic opportunities than I had, but the core of what makes Dartmouth so unique is still very much intact. He is having his own Dartmouth experience, but in so many ways my father, my sister, and I can relate. The other day Eric called from Holt’s Ledge at the Dartmouth Skiway. It was a beautiful fall day, and during his free afternoon he decided to take a hike. Aside from being jealous, I thought, there is nothing better than being a Dartmouth student.”

Peggy Epstein Tanner ’79 is her class head agent and is co-chairing her 30th class reunion fund-raising efforts. She is a Dartmouth daughter (Alan R. Epstein ’47), a Dartmouth sibling (Elizabeth Epstein Kadin ’77), and a Dartmouth mother (Eric Tanner ’11). Formerly with Morgan Stanley and Chemical Bank, Tanner is engaged in many Dartmouth activities as a volunteer, including serving as chair of the Tucker Foundation Board of Visitors, a member of the President’s Leadership Council, past alumni councilor, and a former Dartmouth College Fund Committee member. She was one of the first recipients of the Young Alumni Award and recently received the Dartmouth Alumni Award.

Forever NewA Ten Year Report