Forever New: A Ten Year Report

The Academic Enterprise
Bruce Sacerdote ’90

Photo of Bruce Sacerdote

“For me the best learning occurs with hands-on experience. I have approximately a dozen students working with me on three to four major research projects. For example, we’re gathering and analyzing data on outcomes for public school students in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. We also have a federally funded project to attempt to increase the rate of college attendance among high school seniors in Vermont. We’re trying to change outcomes for these high school seniors, and we’re trying to figure out why talented students fail to apply to and attend college. Dartmouth students make my teaching experience exceptional.”

Bruce Sacerdote ’90, a native of Walpole, Massachusetts, earned his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth in economics and his Ph.D. at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, specializing in econometrics, causal inference, and applied economics. He returned to Dartmouth as an assistant professor in 1998, became tenured in 2003, and was promoted to full professor in 2005. His current research focuses on the economic impact of child and youth outcomes; how education influences income, health, and well being; and the economics behind criminal activity and the creation of laws.

Forever NewA Ten Year Report