Timothy Pulju

Dartmouth College

Tim Pulju is a Senior Lecturer in Classics and Linguistics and an expert in the fields of comparative Indo-European linguistics, functional linguistics and language description, and history of linguistics. Among students, he is widely acknowledged as a fascinating lecturer.

Pulju holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Rice University. He taught a number of popular linguistics courses and guest-lectured in many classes at Rice before coming to Dartmouth College in 2002.

Selected Publications:
• 2000: Indo-European *d-, *l-, and *dl-. Pp. 311-326 in Historical Linguistics 1995. Volume I: General Issues and Non-Germanic Languages, ed. by John Charles Smith and Delia Bentley. John Benjamins
• 2000: Neurological evidence for the existence of an autonomous lexicon. Pp. 49-58 in Functional Approaches to Language, Culture, and Cognition, ed. by David G. Lockwood, Peter H. Fries, and James E. Copeland. John Benjamins
• 1997: Indo-European *dA > *dh. The Journal of Indo-European Studies Vol. 25, No. 3 & 4, 387-399
• 1997: Indo-European ‘jaw, cheek, chin’. LACUS Forum 23.167-178
• 1995: Greenbergian methodology applied to some European languages. LACUS Forum 21.670-680
• 1993: Jackendoff’s cognitive linguistic theories. LACUS Forum 19.113-123
• 1992: Psychological reality in tagmemic phonology and stratificational phonotactics. LACUS Forum 18.167-171
• 1991: A short history of American linguistics. Historiographia Linguistica Vol. 18, No. 1, 221-246
• 1991: The high priest was not a construction engineer: a philological case study. LACUS Forum 17.429-438