Professor Richard Granger

Dartmouth College Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

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Richard Granger is a professor in the Dartmouth College Psychological and Brain Sciences Department, and the head of the Brain Engineering Laboratory. Professor Granger received his B.A. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. at Yale University.

Introduction to the Brain Engineering lab research focus: Our brains are the most complex objects known to man. We cannot yet explain how our brains enable us to recognize objects and actions, how we learn, how we plan, how we use language. Yet these tasks are so natural for us they seem effortless. Through extensive interdisciplinary collaborations, the Brain Engineering Laboratory combines research from neuroscience, computer science, and cognitive science to advance our understanding of how brains operate, as well as how they fail to operate in certain conditions (such as neurological diseases).

The Laboratory has two primary goals: understanding and analysis of brain circuits, and construction of equivalent circuits. In both cases, real-world applications are developed as our understanding deepens.

New methods have been developed for diagnosing, and evaluating treatments for, brain dysfunctions including Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment (a primary precursor of Alzheimer’s), and Parkinson’s Disease. These include a novel method for analyzing electroencephalographic (EEG) measures to aid clinicians in early diagnosis of these conditions, currently being clinically tested in the US and Europe, and the development of novel centrally-active pharmaceuticals.

Powerful new brain-derived computational systems are being developed to apply recent findings to applications ranging from face and voice recognition to robotics, in medical, commercial, and military domains.