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Lorie Loeb
Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering
Tray Bien
YALI Fellow: Mshila Sio
YALI Fellow: Regina Agyare
Billy Peters



Videos from TEDxDartmouth 2011:

Thalia Wheatley presents at TEDxDartmouth 2011.

Prof. Ben Valentino, an Associate Professor of Government, presents at TEDxDartmouth.

Bill Helman discusses what his years as an investor have taught him.

Dartmouth freshman, Alex Arnold ’14, performs at TEDxDartmouth.

Prof. Michael Chaney presents a survey of contemporary graphic novels.

Anise Vance explores how a desire for identity led him to his father’s hometown of Hartford, CT.

Dean Joseph Helble discusses the importance of technological literacy.

Prof. Hany Farid shows us that pictures are not always to be trusted and the human eye.

Albert G. Mulley Jr., MD, MPP is the Director of the Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science.

Timothy Pulju shows the “Uncanny Science of Linguistic Reconstruction”.

Spoken word artist, Bobby Esnard ’14, performs two spoken word pieces.

Prof. Richard D’Aveni discusses the increasing need of strategic capitalism in the United States.

Harry Enten is an ’11 Government major and has a fascination with forecasting.

Prof. Annette Gordon-Reed explores the importance of history.

Videos from TEDxDartmouth 2010:

Branko Cerny ’13 welcomes the audience to the TEDxDartmouth talks at Moore Theater.

Prof. John Rassias, Professor of Languages at Dartmouth College, presents at TEDxDartmouth.

Prof. Lee Lynd of Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering presents at TEDxDartmouth 2010.

SHEBA, a student dance group, performs on stage at TEDx Dartmouth, April 17, 2010

Micaela Klein ’10 presents at TEDx Dartmouth, April 17, 2010, on defeating the hydra.

Paul Whalen, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Dartmouth, presents.

Charlie Wheelan talks about why you should love government.

Molly Bode ’09 presents the Dartmouth Haiti Relief effort.

Julia Floberg ’11 and her cello grace the TEDxDartmouth stage on April 17, 2010.

Larry Crocker speaks about turning prisons into colleges.

James Shinn ’11 hypothesizes about giving directions in early London.

Brian Kennedy presents on the need for visual literacy.

Mary Flanagan presents critical play at TEDx Dartmouth, April 17, 2010

Richard Granger speaks on how brains will be better in the future.

Nicole Yunger Halpern ’11 presents “Once Upon a Time in Linear Algebra.”

Talene Monahon ’13 and Dan Van Deusen ’11 sing on stage at TEDxDartmouth 2010.

Narath Carlile, DMS ’09 speaks about using open source cell phones in hospitals.

Bruce Sacerdote speaks about some of the reasons for the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

Photos from TEDxDartmouth:

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