Professor Larry Crocker

Dartmouth College Department of Philosophy

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Professor Larry Crocker of the Dartmouth Department of Philosophy is principally interested in the Philosophy of Law (especially crime and punishment; law and morality), Moral Theory, and the Philosophy of Religion.

Lawrence Crocker took his A.B. in Philosophy at Yale, M.A and Ph.D. in Philosophy at Harvard, specializing in philosophy of science and logic, and J.D. at Duke. He has taught philosophy at the University of Washington and law at New York University School of Law. He has been a law clerk to a judge on the Federal Court of Appeals, a prosecutor of career street criminals and white collar felons in Manhattan, a criminal defense lawyer, and a civil litigator in large and small law firms in New York City and Seattle.

At Dartmouth, Professor Crocker teaches Introduction to the Problems of Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Philosophy of Law, Political and Social Philosophy, Crime and Punishment.