Harry Enten ’11

Dartmouth College

Harry Enten is an ’11 Government major and has a fascination with forecasting. He has spent his time at Dartmouth studying American elections. Over the past year, he has increasingly focused his intention on long-term electoral trends.

He has found that elections are almost always driven by fundamentals such as the party that controls Congress, the Presidency, and state of the economy. Harry has honed his projection skills outside of the Dartmouth community. He is the publisher and writer of Margin of Error, a political blog. He has also had the privilege of interning with the NBC Political Unit and Pollster.com, as well as contributing to Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire. Harry’s prediction skills also extend into the weather world. He taught himself how to read weather models. Every night, he emails members of the Dartmouth community a three day weather. He believes prognosticating the weather is much more difficult than politics. Harry enjoys applying his number skills beyond weather and politics. He is the treasurer for his Class Council and the NAACP. Both positions have allowed him to connect with Dartmouth’s unique student body.