What we do

Our main goal is to encourage women to become more involved in engineering, a traditionally male-dominated field. We do this through a very wide range activities, from volunteering as mentors at local schools to hosting lectures and luncheons with professors or other guests. 

Last year Kelly Cameron '04, Parker Fagrelius '07, and Katie Farmer B.E. '04 met with Girl Scout Troop #2282 at the Richard Black Community Center to explore some elementary engineering topics. SWE members did Crazy Science Demos with about half of the troop to look at everything from shape and strength to basic computer engineering concepts. Katie Farmer B.E. worked through the Towers of Hanoi problem and found that the girls were very apt pupils. SWE members will bring ENGS 33 bridges when they meet with 3rd graders to look at structures, and will likely bring an ENGS 76 vehicle when they visit a 5th grade classroom studying Force and Motion.

Also last year, SWE began working with students from the Lebanon Elementary School to explore different topics in the physical sciences. We look forward to continuing to help third graders understand structures, fifth graders look at forces and motion, and maybe even help eighth graders integrate geology and technology. We will also be doing all of our planning for the 3nd Annual Junkyard Wars which will take place at the beginning of Spring term.

Our meetings are held in Thayer School of Enginneering, and once we have a room number and a time and date, we will post that information here.

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