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We know how to have a good time here at SWE. Click on one of the links below to see a selection of photographs from some of our more recent events.

Junkyard Wars Thayer Style (JWTS)

Our Junkyard Wars annual event is hosted in the middle of spring term, generally when the weather turns nice enough to spend some quality time outdoors. Like it's television show namesake, Junkyard Wars gives participlants a construction challenge or a task to perform, a humongous pile of junk, and a set amount of time to complete thier contraption and compete against other members of the Dartmouth Community. JWTS is open to all members of the Dartmouth Community. Blitz SWE if you are interested in learning more or want to sign up to participate in next year's challenge.

JWTS '05: Buried Treasure!

JWTS '04: Catapults and Trebuchets

JWTS '03: Gliders Galore


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