January 13, 2004

****Lebanon Schools****
This term we will be working with the Lebanon Schools. The following opportunities are available. If you are interested, please respond to this account.

1) Pam Cantrell, grade 3 teacher at Hanover St. School, is very pleased to invite your bridge models/demonstrations and any other support from SWE in developing her own "Structure" unit. She's a new teacher here and is excited to explore unusual resources. We have some good ideas for this, and we will probably make this our first event (Build newspaper tower tube vs. cone, Poster board bridge, Spaghetti and marshmallow towers, String and straw bridge)

2) Martha Langill, Seminary Hill principal, requests support for a Force and Motion unit at 5th grade in her building. We may try to use the ENGS 76 remote control vehicles to demonstrate force, speed, potential and kinetic energy, and /or gravitational force as best as possible. If you have other ideas for this unit please let me know.

3) Sarah Merrill, grade 6 teacher at Seminary Hill School, is excited to host a visit from Sterling engine builders to support her unit on Energy. Again, she's a new teacher here so I'd love to harness her own fresh energy!

****Junkyard Wars****
We are beginning to brainstorm ideas (But we won't tell you what they are on the website - you have to come to meetings for that!). We will be doing most of the planning for the event this term and will hold the event in the beginning of next term. There may be some participants from Lebanon Jr. High that will participate in addition to student groups. We will concentrate on collecting "Junk" soon. Some initial Idea Criteria/Ground Rules:
No personal safety issues and able to build in <3hrs w/ junk available

We would like to make some T-Shirts that can be sold/distributed in conjunction with the Junk Event. If you have Tshirt design ideas please bring them to the next meeting.

****Montshire Museum****
No Montshire Museum Volunteer Project this term