November 18, 2003

Since I know that many people are working hard on projects before the Thanksgiving Break is here, we will NOT have a meeting tonight, but I wanted to pass along some information to you.

** Last week Tuesday Parker Fagrelius, Katie Farmer, and I went to work with a local Girl Scout Troop at the Community Center right across from the Coop. We did a few short experiments about surface tension, structural stability, and capillary action. Then Katie showed them how recursion works in computer programming using the Tower of Hanoi. We hope to get together next term with the Girl Scouts again and do some more experiments. If you have ideas for experiments please blitz them to the SWE account.

** Next term: I've been talking with a Teacher at Lebanon Elementary about going in and doing some demonstrations with a 3rd grade class that is studying structures and building. We will probably bring in some Bridge projects from ENGS 33. I'll keep you posted so that you can sign up to go.

** Also next term: * JUNKYARD WARS* Send in your ideas for projects and also reply if you would like to be on the planning committee. This is a really fun event and there was a lot of participation last year. It should probably be in the first half of the term so that people have time to be involved before other commitments take over. GET INVOLVED!!!!