October 27, 2003

Next Meeting: November 11, 7:30 pm Cummings 200.

Calendar of Events:

**1st Year Dinner: Thurs. Nov 6th, Great Hall (Cummings): All First Years are Welcome. If you are an upper classmen Jenna Wheeler would love for you to come to dinner and mingle with the students, and if you are willing to talk about something really cool in engineering that you've done or a funny or interesting story as to how you fell into engineering, that would be awesome . If interested, Blitz Jenna Wheeler.

**Course Advice: Fri. Nov 7th 6pm, Cummings Rm 200: For 1st Years and upper classmen to receive advice on courses, internships and more! If you're interested in helping out, Blitz April Mohns

**Mon. Nov. 10 2:45-3:45 pm, Jackson Conference Room: ABET Engineering accrediting team comes to evaluate Dartmouth and wants to hear your opinions. Blitz SWE or Michelle Batt if you're interested in attending.

**WISP Mentor Event
Planning Dinner or Study Break for later this term

**Blitz Ideas for Junkyard Wars Competition!!!

Events To Come!
Please Send Your Ideas and Feedback!

**Montshire Museum
Eleanor Alexander

**Girl Scouts
Kelly Cameron

**Junkyard Wars
- Move to Winter Term
- Blitz SWE with Ideas for Competition

**Science Camp
- Stations manned by students
- Younger student learning opportunity
- 1 afternoon

**Go to local school with science demonstrations, TBA: We have some experiements we can do with local schools. We're going to talk to some schools and then look for volunteers for those dates.

**Table for ENGS Week, this will be in the spring

**American Indians in Science and Engineering Regionals (Heather Yazzie '07)
- May be held at Dartmouth - Spring Term
- Plans for helping out or Co-Sponsoring