October 7, 2003

President: Kelly Cameron
Vice President: Eleanor Alexander
Secretary: Carolyn Kirchner
Treasurer: Kristen White

Meeting time will change to Tuesday at 7:30 PM to accomodate those participating in DartSat

o SWE membership to the national Society of Women Engineers. Membership to the national organization allows you to receive copies of the magazine, apply for scholarships, participate in the annual SWE conference, and eventually join more professional organizations. The national organization is a good resource for internships and advice from women in the field. This can be done through the link: http://www.societyofwomenengineers.org/members/membersMain.aspx or you can use the form included in this term's issue of SWE Magazine.

o Community Service Events:
o Volunteering at the Montshire Museum (the Kid's Science Museum across the river)

o Volunteering to help at a local school with demonstrations or activities in technology and physics classes

o Volunteer with a Girl Scout Troop to help them earn their Technology badge

o These are just some ideas that we have. We have agreed to continue the Junkyard Wars this spring, and could perhaps do the Junkyard Wars in the Winter if that would interest people.

o We can also have lunch with a professor if you blitz me who you would like to have lunch with. We may try to have a lunch with former Astronaut and current faculty member at Dartmouth, Mae Jemison.