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The Physical Infrastructure

Heating Plant and Electrical Capacity

In the mid-1990s, Dartmouth expanded and upgraded the steam heating capacity for the campus. This project was integral to the construction of Berry Library and other new facilities, but we are now close to the limits of that system. To accomplish the building program set out above, we need to further expand the heating and electrical systems.


  • We must expand the capacity of our current heating plant.

  • We must expand the capacity of our chiller facility.

  • We must upgrade our electrical service to parts of the campus.


Because of our location, Dartmouth has been fortunate in having inexpensive and abundant parking on and close to campus for faculty, students, and staff. In recent years, the campus, as well as the town of Hanover, have seen an increase in traffic congestion. We have worked with Advance Transit, our local bus service, to provide subsidized transportation for Dartmouth commuters, and we have instituted a shuttle service from remote parking lots. In the coming year, as we lose still more parking spaces from the center of campus to building projects, we will need to adopt further measures to provide parking and to minimize traffic congestion on campus.


  • We must build a parking structure to help alleviate the volume of traffic that comes to the campus each day.

  • We must adjust our parking program to provide efficient and fair access to the limited parking space in the central campus.

  • We must continue to assess the Transportation Demand Management program to provide incentives for commuters to use alternative forms of transportation to campus.

  • We must develop a plan to deal with long-term parking needs.

August 2002

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