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The priorities outlined above are the direct result of the strategic planning process that we have undertaken since 1998, and many of them will be part of the coming campaign. They represent a highly ambitious agenda and will be contingent on our ability to generate funding — which, in turn, is dependent upon forces that we do not control. Vice President for Development Carolyn Pelzel will work with the academic deans and the other senior officers to develop a campaign plan that will describe these needs within the general framework of priorities and objectives outlined above.

Dartmouth is unusually fortunate. Many schools aspire to be more like us — be they large research institutions trying to bolster their undergraduate experience, or small liberal arts colleges trying to foster a research faculty. We have the best of both worlds — an excellent faculty and student body supported by an outstanding administration and staff, and we have exciting opportunities before us. As Dartmouth’s 16th president, I look forward to working with all of you as we bring this plan to fruition and make Dartmouth ever stronger and forever new.

August 2002

© 2002 Trustees of Dartmouth College