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Founded in October 2005 at the Thayer School of Engineering, DartMag is a group of second-year women engineers who are designing, building, and deploying a magnetometer for use in the remote polar regions. More info...

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Women in Science Projects       

The mission of the Women in Science Project (WISP) is to encourage more Dartmouth women to persist in science, math, and engineering by creating and fostering a supportive academic and social climate that will aid women in pursuing science as a major and a career. WISP's broad goal is achieved by enhancing the experiences of Dartmouth women, particularly in their first year, through a comprehensive set of proven intervention strategies, including:
  • Mentoring
  • Early hands-on research experience
  • Role modeling
  • Access to information
  • Building a sense of community in the sciences
Past, Present, and Future research projects involving sponsored WISP students.

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