Plasma Seminar Winter Term 2002

Plasma Seminar Series -- Winter Term 2002

Date Speaker Affiliation Title (click for abstract)
01/08 Dr. Richard Wolfson
Middlebury College,
Department of Physics
Coronal Mass Ejections: The Calm Before the Storm
01/15 Brian Kress
Dartmouth College,
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Two-Dimensional Channel Flow Simulations
01/22 Dr. Richard Denton
Dartmouth College,
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Modes of the Magnetosphere: Toroidal, Poloidal, and Compressional
01/29 Dr. George Siscoe
Boston University,
Center for Space Physics
Limits on Transpolar Versus Reconnection Potentials: The Unknown Magnetosphere
02/12 Dr. Richard Ellis
University of Maryland,
Institute for Electronics and Applied Physics
MCX Fusion Device
02/19 Dr. Kile Baker
National Science Foundation,
Magnetospheric Physics Program Director
A Simple Parameterization of the High Latitude Ionospheric Convection Pattern for use in Space Weather Metrics Patterns
02/26 Dr. William Lotko
Dartmouth College,
Thayer School of Engineering
Observatory for Heteroscale Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling
03/05 Dr. David C. Montgomery
Dartmouth College,
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Where Do Large-Scale, Spontaneously-Appearing Magnetic Fields Come From?

For more information or to suggest a future speaker, please contact the seminar organizer: Simon Shepherd

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Possible Speakers

Status Speaker Affiliation Topic
??? Dr. Robert Lysak
University of Minnesota,
School of Physics and Astronomy
??? Dr. Thomas Sotirelis
The Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory
Auroral and Polar Cap Boundaries Using Polar UVI and SuperDARN