Investigating Space Weather with SuperDARN
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Cross Polar Cap Potential Study

Data from the SuperDARN HF radar network are used to determine the cross polar cap potential (CPCP). Suitable periods are identified using a technique which ensures that the radar data are determining the value of CPCP (as opposed to the model data used to constrain the solution). The technique is described in the following paper (cpcp). Below is an example of the technique applied to SuperDARN data from January 20, 2001.

Ultra High Quality SuperDARN Data

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Below is a sample of periods that are used for the study. The interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) is shown along with the value of CPCP.

Sample Study Periods

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Correlations of the IMF and CPCP for the study periods are shown below. A clear correlation between the IMF Bz component can be seen in the third row of panels.

Correlation Study

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