Ionospheric Convection Electric Fields
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A combination of reconnection and viscous processes occurring at the magnetopause and in the magnetotail are responsible for creating large-scale electric fields. These fields map down geomagnetic field lines into the high-latitude ionosphere where they cause the plasma to 'E x B' drift. By measuring the motion of this ionospheric plasma it is, therefore, possible to infer a great deal about the magnetospheric processes that are responsible for the convection.

Scientists from more than 12 countries are involved in a cooperative program which operate HF radars for the purpose of measuring the ionospheric plasma drift (or equivalently, the ionospheric electric field.) This network of radar is known as the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN). Each radar is operated independently but in a coordinated manner. More information can be found at the JHU/APL
SuperDARN web site.

Some examples of the radars and their coverage:

Rob Barnes Rob Barnes unknown Naas Janse van Rensburg

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FitACF Documentation Project

Spatial/Temporal Variability:      
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Electric Field Variability

Spatial/Temporal Variability:      
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Cross Polar Cap Potential

WISP Study:   

Polar Cap Saturation:      

High Quality Periods:   

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SuperDARN at University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
SuperDARN at University of Leicester

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