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SSC Staff:

Barbara Mellert
Silsby Hall Rm 13A
PH: 646-2877

Kevin Grady
Room 240 Kemeny Hall
PH: 646-6450

Peter Fletcher
Room 444, 37 Dewey Field Rd.
PH: 646-6458

Social Science Computing

Services and Support

We provide computer support to faculty and staff in the Social Science Division, the Associate Dean of Social Sciences and their staff, and students working on social sciences coursework.

For faculty and staff

Faculty and staff who have a question, problem, or request can drop in anytime; however, appointments are strongly encouraged since we are often out of the office doing on-site visits.

Faculty and staff from Anthropology, Economics, Government, History, Sociology, AAAS, LACS, LATS, Math and Social Sciences, Native American Studies, and Rockefeller Center, should contact Barbara Mellert for support.

Faculty and staff from PBS, Geography, Computer Science, Physics, and Math, should contact Kevin Grady for support.

Faculty and staff from Education should contact Peter Fletcher for support.

Services for faculty and staff include:

* Setup of new computers, including data transferred, applications installed, core Dartmouth software installed, network and dial-up configuration.

* Setup of some peripherals, including printers, modems, monitors, and zip or jazz drives.

* Support of all Dartmouth supported hardware and software.

* Support of Stata and SPSS statistical applications.

* Troubleshooting and evaluation of computer hardware: either in a faculty/staff member's office or in SSC.

* BlitzMail account creation for visiting scholars; password resets, public course folder setups.

* Consultation on purchasing new computer equipment.

* Assistance with downloading data and obtaining codebooks from ICPSR. Social Science Computing serves as the Official Representative to ICPSR for Dartmouth College.

Members of the Academic Computing staff can teach an X-hour for classes that need help getting started with Stata or SPSS. We strongly encourage this. It makes it easier for the SSC staff to manage the influx of students who require this type of help; and it is easier for the students to get up and running with the software they need.  Handouts from this X-hour can be used by the student to install the software and get started with it.



For students

Visit the Statistics Resources for Students Web site  for more information on getting help with installing or using statistical software packages.