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SSC Staff:

Barbara Mellert
Silsby Hall Rm 13A
PH: 646-2877

Kevin Grady
Room 240 Kemeny Hall
PH: 646-6450

Peter Fletcher
Room 444, 37 Dewey Field Rd.
PH: 646-6458

Social Science Computing

Welcome to Social Science Computing. We are here to help you with your computing needs as they relate to your work with the Social Science Division of Dartmouth College.

Social Science Computing (SSC) provides computer support to faculty and staff in the Social Science Division, the Associate Dean of Social Sciences and their staff, and students working on social sciences coursework.  

Students can also visit the Statistics Resources for Students Web site  for more information on getting help with installing or using statistical software packages.

For a complete list of services in SSC, please visit our services page.