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Language Study Abroad: Portuguese LSA

The Language Study Abroad Program in Brazil is oriented towards the acquisition of the Portuguese language (Brazilian Portuguese) through the experience of living with a Brazilian family, studying language, literature, and civilization, and excursions to sites of interest around Bahia. The LSA program offers Portuguese 3: Advanced language instruction, Portuguese 5: Introduction to Afro-Brazilian Culture5, and Portuguese 6: Introduction to Brazilian Literature. To qualify for the LSA in Brazil, a student must have completed Portuguese 1 with a grade of B or better, or have the equivalent preparation. Participants will be accepted on the basis of their application forms, letters of reference, and an interview; actual participation in the program is contingent upon the maintenance of satisfactory academic standing and compliance with orientation procedures. Note: This program coincides with Portuguese FSP.


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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, occupying half of the continent of South America. It is as varied culturally, geographically and demographically as it is vast in size, combining indigenous, African, and European elements in a uniquely rich symbiosis. Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia, with a population of around 2,250,000 inhabitants, was the first major port and the capital of colonial Brazil for almost two centuries. The city lies between green tropical hills and broad beaches along the bay of Todos os Santos. Many of the city's baroque churches, private homes, squares, and even the hand-chipped paving bricks have been preserved as part of Brazil's historic patrimony. In Salvador, more than anywhere else in the country, the African influence in the makeup of Brazilian culture is readily visible, from the spicy dishes still called by their African names (caruru, vatapa, acaraje), to the ceremonies of "Candomble" which honor both African deities and Catholic holidays, to "capoeira" schools where a unique African form of ritualistic fighting is taught. Like our FSP, the LSA is located at the ACBEU (Associação Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos), which is one of the most important institutions of its type in Brazil.

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