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Placement Information & Exams

Interim Language Program Director

Associate Professor Israel Reyes

Assistant Language Program Director

Professor Elizabeth Polli

Spanish Language Placement Procedures

Spanish Department Placement Exam

Makeup placement exam:

  • Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 6:00 p.m., 001 Rockefeller Center (you must bring your laptop and student I.D. with you to the exam)

Which Class Should I Take If I Wish to Continue With My Studies in Spanish at Dartmouth College?

If I have taken the SAT II test:

If I have taken AP Exams:

  • AP Language 4 or 5: exempt from Spanish 3, can take Spanish 9
  • AP Literature 4: exempt from Spanish 3, can take Spanish 9
  • AP Literature 5: can take Spanish 20

If I have taken the British A level exams:

  • “A” on the A level exam: Spanish 20
  • “B” on the A level exam: exempt from Spanish 3, can take Spanish 9

If I have taken the IB exam:

Students who have scores for the SAT II, AP, British A level or IB exams and have exempted out of Spanish 3 as per above DO NOT NEED TO TAKE the online placement exam.  Students who do not have SAT II, AP, British A level or IB exam scores must take the Department Placement exam if they wish to continue with their Spanish studies at Dartmouth. The exam is offered online for incoming first year students from August 1 – August 24. The score you receive will indicate the course for which you should register.  All students who place out of Spanish 3 on the placement exam will be required to take an oral exam on campus during fall orientation. For more general information about language classes and the online exam see the department website.

Students who have lived or studied abroad for more than 6 months should contact Professor Reyes for further placement information.

Important placement information for possible LSA participants: if you have taken Spanish 3 on campus or place out of Spanish 3 on the online placement exam, if you score a 4 or 5 on either AP exam, or if you score 690 or better on the SAT II exam, you are overqualified and thus not eligible to apply for the LSA program - but please check out our FSP programs!

Transfer Credit Information

Portuguese Language Placement Procedures

Students may place into Portuguese classes by taking the Portuguese Placement Exam administered by the Department. Results are sent directly to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students the day after the exam is taken. Students should contact that office for results. All upper-class students who need to take a placement exam can do so by scheduling an individual time for a placement exam with Rodolfo Franconi, or Carlos Minchillo.

Last Updated: 9/8/14