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Auditing Policy for Spanish and Portuguese Language Courses

The Department of Spanish & Portuguese will accept auditors in language courses (1, 2, 3, 9) following the general auditing policies of the college (see ORC). We may accommodate Dartmouth faculty, alumni and registered undergraduate students, only if our classes have not met their cap of 18 students. Please refer to the ORC for college regulations.

Important Major/Minor/Modified Major Requirement Change – Spanish 10 to Spanish 20.

Effective Summer term 2011 the Spanish and Portuguese Department will replace Spanish 10 with Spanish 20, and, Spanish 20 will be a required course for the major, minor and modified major. All students who have taken Spanish 10 prior to Summer term 2011 can use this course as a required course for the major, minor or modified major in the Department.

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Last Updated: 1/29/14