How to use the modulos

The student is invited to move through these pasos, which require active participation in reading, listening and writing skills, at a pace that either follows a stipulated syllabus or is self-directed. Follow-up classroom will activities strengthen speaking skills and help bridge the gap between oral-based and text-based skills acquisition.

These cultural modules have been designed to be incorporated into a first-year Spanish language program as supplementary units that parallel linguistic and grammatical presentations of many first-year textbooks. It is well recognized that the gap between the oral-based and text-based skills is one which should not wait until the third or fourth semester of study; thus, these modules provide systematic exposure to many aspects of reading which traditionally present difficulties for the student. The presentation of introductory background material, thematic and generic considerations and vocabulary and syntax development present students with strategies for building positive reading skills. The overall goals of the materials, used in conjunction with classroom materials, are to encourage positive systematic development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through the use of language, literary texts and art.