Modulos Culturales


Bienvenidos a la página Modulos culturales, a multimedia literacy project designed for first-year Spanish language students at Dartmouth College. Each modulo is centered on a short text or fragment of a longer text and provides a variety of activities that incorporate language, literary texts and art. The modulos are intended to support students in linguistic development and cultural awareness, thus strengthening literacy skills through culturally authentic media.

The student is invited to move through a series of pasos, which require active participation in reading, listening and writing, at a pace that either follows a stipulated syllabus or is self-directed. Follow-up classroom activities will strengthen speaking skills and help create a continuum between oral-based and text-based skills acquisition. ¡Vámonos, pues, a explorar los varios mundos culturales de los hispanoparlantes!

Panel 1: Migration

José Clemente Orozco
The Epic of American Civilization
Panel 1: Migration