Center for Integrated Space Weather Modelling (CISM)

PI Hudson CoIs: Denton, Lyon, Lotko, Rogers

Dartmouth's CISM research is focused on the earth's magnetosphere and the related aspects of space weather. Specifically, we aim to develop a computational module representing the Earth's magnetosphere, including the inner plasma sheet, ring current, and Birkeland, or magnetic field aligned, currents. This module will be based on the Lyon-Fedder-Mobarry 3D Magnetospheric code, but will be designed to connect to the Rice Convection Model in the inner magnetosphere and also the Thermosphere-Ionosphere Nested Grid (TING) version of the NCAR TIMED-GCM model of the ionosphere and thermosphere. The module will accept as inputs time-dependent magnetic field and plasma densities and temperatures at the outer boundary. The RCM will compute the distribution functions of plasma within its domain and feed the information back to the global MHD model. Likewise, TING will provide an ionospheric boundary condition for the LFM code. The LFM code, modified by the RCM, will also compute the magnetic field-aligned currents into the ionosphere.

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