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Student Life Initiative

The Student Life Initiative at Dartmouth

President and Mrs. Wright greet incoming students
President and Mrs. Wright greet incoming students at the President's House during orientation week.

Dartmouth provides an education of the highest quality to its undergraduate, graduate and professional students and seeks to foster a love of learning in every member of its community.

A Dartmouth education is much more than a collection of courses taken; it is an experience built on enduring values and traditions that have marked the College since its very beginnings: initiative, personal responsibility, strong interactions between faculty and students, and a sense of freedom that allows our students to challenge each other, the faculty and the institution itself. These attributes support an inclusive sense of community that is a distinguishing characteristic of Dartmouth.

The quality of the out-of-classroom experience is an essential measure of our success in educating all of our students in the broadest manner possible. To that end, in 1999, Dartmouth's Trustees and President James Wright announced an initiative aimed at enhancing the out-of-classroom experience at the College. In the five years since the Student Life Initiative was announced, we have made progress toward improving residential life, adding new programs and social options, strengthening the Coed, Fraternity and Sorority system, and upgrading facilities and infrastructure.

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