Sustainable Living Center At Dartmouth
Fostering Sustainable Habits
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Winter 2011

Winter SLC events this year included a thermal audit conducted by Professor Sullivan's ENGS 173 class. Click here to see the full presentation of results.

Exciting News on Energy Savings

In Fall 2008, as the SLC, the residents of North Hall used 58% less energy than the previous occupants averaged over the last five Fall terms. Read more ...

Check out other events from Fall 2008

Holiday Celebration

SLCers celebrated the winter holidays with Secret Snowflakes, sugar cookies, paper snowflakes for holiday cards, and drinking tea from a handmade teaset - a gift to the SLC from Margi!

Dartmouth Life

A story about us appears in the December 2008 Dartmouth Life: widely read newspaper for Dartmouth Alumni and Parents!

Cobb Hill Fieldtrip

SLC residents visited Cobb Hill in Vermont for a tour.

Lunch with Terry Tempest Williams

The SLC hosted a lunch and discussion in our kitchen with author Terry Tempest Williams.

Worm Bin Composting Workshop

We hosted a composting workshop for SLCers and students interested in learning about worm bin composting, and setting it up in their own living spaces.

Dartmouth Ecovores

What, one might ask, are the Dartmouth Ecovores? We are a new group interested in raising campus awareness of where our food comes from and the economic, social, and environmental tradeoffs between various modes of agricultural production. We want to collaborate with existing student groups to incorporate local foods in the meals served at their events, we want to build connections with Upper Valley farmers and producers, and in the long run we would like to work with DDS to expand the Farm to Dartmouth Initiative and provide more options to students who wish to be educated consumers and eat more responsibly.
The Dartmouth Ecovores meet at 8:00pm every Thursday at the SLC. Join us!

Open Dinners

So far our open dinners have been a great success. Our first one was led by Sustainability Manager Kathy Lambert, and we were surprised to have over 70 guests, and still leftover rice! We've welcomed a diverse crowd of some students very involved in sustainability and others knowing little about it (even made it into a comic in the D). SLCers spend a day or more, in between classes, preparing local, organic menus - Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplants; Butternut Squash Soup; Apple Crisp. The discussion is interesting, creative, and a lot of fun. Join us next week!

SLC Grand Opening

On September 27th we held our Grand Opening Event at Collis, with keynote speaker Tom Wessels, author of The Myth of Progress; President Wright; and Dartmouth's new Sustainability Manager, Kathy Lambert. Residents also gave inspirational speeches about the development of the SLC and Green Jobs Now. We offered local and organic snackfoods, and later everyone trekked back through the rain to the SLC for tours and music. Afterwards was a dinner held for faculty and randomly selected students, as well as students involved in the SLC, over which we discussed the challenges of integrating the SLC with the Dartmouth campus, as more than just a student group or affinity house.

Photos courtesy of Kawakahi Kaeo Amina ’09/Vox of Dartmouth

You can also read the speeches of Sam Welch '10 and Sustainability Manager Kathy Lambert.

Green Lite Installation

Green Lite gives us a real-time display of current electric use over a metered area. As soon as we unplug something, we see our usage decrease! When we improve or worsen past certain threshholds, a polar bear animation responds. We will be measuring our progress as our behavior and the building improve. In the future we hope to have more individualized data and feedback.

Organic Pizza at the Farm

We know how to have sustainable fun too! All other pizza pales in comparison to the handmade clay-oven pizza at the organic farm. Throughout the spring and summer we had several pizza nights, and hope to continue these (maybe we will eventually have our own oven).