Sustainable Living Center At Dartmouth
Fostering Sustainable Habits
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SLC Inside Jobs

Each resident of the SLC chooses a term job, to make the house run well and to get events and programming happening within the house as well as with the rest of campus. Term jobs don't have to be work, they can be fun!

- Head of House (2): Run all-house meetings, ensure jobs are completed and residents are involved in house, communicate with advisors and administration, expand the SLC´s outreach to the rest of campus and community.

- UGA (1): Facilitate cooperative living, help head-of-house and event planners with funding.

- Treasurer (1): Maintain Coop budget. Collect co-op receipts and make sure everything on the account looks correct. Reimburse all co-op members if there is any money left at the end of the term. Keep track of overall budget and distribution among the various jobs; monitor programming budget and any financial aid for money paid to the food budget, etc.
    -in charge of petty cash (clarify what it´s used for)
    -organize wish lists and make price estimations
    -make a budget of what we want
    -manage money for in-house meals
- Recruiter/Applications Director (1): In charge of recruiting residents to live in the SLC for the next term. Find out how many rooms will be available, advertise the house via blitzes to campus, hold 2 open houses, receive applications from ORL, oversee internal selection of next term's residents.

- Energy Monitor (1): Record and analyze data on house energy useage, set goals for the current term, present the data to the house on a weekly basis, and update residents on status of meeting these goals.

- Green Educator (2): Send a weekly blitz to the house with 3-5 fun facts on sustainability.

- Webmaster (1): Maintain and update the SLC website

- Thursday Night Dinner Organizer (1): Coordinate with Ecovores to organize weekly dinners throughout the term, with a guest speaker on sustainability and food topics.

- Event Planner (1): Organize a few events or projects throughout the term that are either fun or educational for the house. Coordinate with heads of house and faculty/academic link.

- Faculty/Academic Link (1): Maintain a house relationship with the Dartmouth faculty, especially for house dinners and potential educational events.

- Food Coordinator/Farm Link (1): Ensure that the twice-weekly grocery shopping occurs on schedule so the house doesn't run out of food. Check that we are buying sufficient organic and local foods. Communicate with Scott Stokoe and the Dartmouth Organic Farm with any composting needs, and any other events that connect with the farm.

- Documenter/Photographer (1): Document the term on your computer: meeting minutes, events, SLC Dinners, Friday Night D&D´s, and any other significant info. Take a few pictures of happenings in the SLC, if possible. Write up a summary of the term in the SLC handbook at the end of the term.

- Kitchen Monitor (1): Keep an eye on the kitchen and common room, blitz out to house if cleanup issues need to be addressed. Coordinate house clean up dates.

- Friday Desert & Documentary Planner (3): Rent documentary (Jones or other venue), rent room, blitz to campus about event, and cook dessert (or find another volunteer to cook). Work with treasurer for funding.

- Compost Master (1): Learn how worm composting works and show other people! Coordinate with Scott Stokoe (farm manager) to do a compost workshop if necessary. Make sure the compost is getting done regularly and pick up slack where necessary.