Sustainable Living Center At Dartmouth

Fostering Sustainable Habits

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Our Core Values

We recognize there is a need for students, faculty and other community members to learn the practical skills involved with living a more sustainable lifestyle. To address this expressed and growing student need and to uphold the institution´s commitment to environmental awareness and stewardship, we propose that Dartmouth establish a Sustainable Living Center. The SLC will necessarily be:

      * Focused on education: The SLC is designed to further the education of students and other community members in ways that are not currently being offered. It will therefore be strongly linked to a diverse range of academic programs at Dartmouth.
     * On campus: It must be readily accessible to all students and faculty as part of its inclusive and educational values.
      * Self-reliant: It must be a free-standing building that is not dependant on outside sources of energy and minimizes the output of waste products. The mechanisms for minimizing inputs and outputs will be working demonstrations of how to live more sustainably, as part of the educational purpose of the center. These will provide the hands-on experiential education that currently is unavailable to students.
     * Designed, developed and operated by students: As part of the educational process, academic courses and individual students will benefit by the experiences of planning and running the SLC. Researching and developing every part of the SLC is a valuable educational opportunity.
      * Community-oriented and community-dependent: It must be in part a residential space for at least 10 residents. An important part of sustainability is the sustainability of a community and the ability to share tasks and resources.
      * Highly involved with the Dartmouth community: It must be a non-exclusive space that actively seeks to serve all members of the Dartmouth community as part of its educational purpose.

We envision the SLC as a household that would be a venue for experiential learning in regards to sustainability, an educational resource for the broader Dartmouth community, and a place that would allow residents to practice a lifestyle of minimal environmental impact. The SLC is very much in line with Dartmouth’s tradition and is an important way in which Dartmouth can lead the way in sustainability.

Living at the SLC

As a house, the SLC (North Hall) has 19 beds on coed floors for sophomores, juniors, and seniors committed to participating in and developing events and ideas for the SLC, for setting an example on the Dartmouth campus. Students are expected to take some sort of position in the house, to help with chores and weekly house dinners as well as their other interests, and to live conscientiously, self-observing and -critical. Just remember, you might have to think twice about you mini-fridge and hairdryer.

We love people with lots of experience already, but we´re even more excited about involving and working with people who have not yet fully put their minds to it! In order to give as many students as possible the chance to live at the SLC and to spread what we learn intimately by living there to other living spaces on campus, we do ask that students consider limiting the number of terms they spend at the SLC.

Do YOU want to live with us? Apply through the affinity housing program. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience or academic interests.