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Dartmouth Skiway

39 Grafton Turnpike
Lyme Center, NH 03769
Phone: (603) 795-2143 
Fax: (603) 795-2421
Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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Inherent Risks

All season pass holders must read and accept the following:

I acknowledge and agree that winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding contain inherent risks and participation in those sports can cause injury or death. As a purchaser/user of this season pass/lift ticket, I freely accept and understand the risks of participation, up to and not limited to personal injury, property damage and death. I therefore release Dartmouth Skiway and the Trustees of Dartmouth College it's affiliates, assigned, employees, officers directors and agents FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY, including claims for negligence of any type which might result from any conditions on or about the premises, facility operation or ski area activities, or from my participation in snowboarding, skiing or any other winter sport. I fully accept the absolute and full responsibility for any and all damages or injury of any kind, from any cause. I release these claims and accept this liability on my behalf and on behalf of the passholders listed above.

All passes/tickets may be revoked by the management at any time without refund and are non-transferable. Reckless skiing will result in loss of lift privileges.

For your safety, the Skiway highly recommends the use of an approved winter sports helmet--visit Lids on Kids for more information.

"Know the Code"

I Accept

Last Updated: 8/30/17