Milton Sims Kramer '54 Group Award -- In the spring of 2005, Dean Larimore honored the Team with the Milton Sims Kramer '54 Group Award. It is presented to only one group on campus who contributes significantly to the College and represents "all that is Dartmouth"

Kenyon Jones Award -- The Kenyon Jones Award is given to that student, "who in the minds of the Recreational Sport staff, has exhibited a commitment to and love for recreational sport as exemplified by Ken during his 32 years of dedicated service to recreational sport at Dartmouth College.  The student shall have either excelled in recreational sport or enhanced the opportunities for students to participate in recreational sport during their years at Dartmouth."

2007 – Daniel Dittrick

2010-- Natalie Falsgraf

Club Sports Leadership Award --The Club Sports Leadership award is presented to a student who has been exceptional in the organization, administration and the competitive and sportsmanlike spirit of his or her club.

2014— Joseph Miller

Forty one Dartmouth figure skaters have been elected as Wearers of the Green, Dartmouth's equivalent to an athletic Hall of Fame, including the entire national championship teams from 2004 to 2008, as well as Emily Schaller '02, Cabray Haines '00, Amy Stetson '00, Lois McGean '84, J. Michael McGean '49, Loren McGean '92, and Lyman E. Wakefield, Jr. '33.



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Wearers of the Green