Rianna Starheim '14

Voice Part: Soprano

Hometown: Upstate New York... that's an actual town.

Major: Undecided

Officer Positions: Musical Director 11S

Rianna Pauline Starheim is a striking young lass with a rampantly free spirit who eats pancakes and cream for breakfast like a lumberjack, drinks in the crisp taste of adventure for lunch, and enjoys a daily balanced dinner of pasta and cookies. A small town farm girl who loves the shimmering lights and excitement of the city of Hanover like a small child loves Christmas, she aspires to be either a Broadway star or a medic in the United States Army, but has an inkling that she'll end up as President instead. In her spare time Rianna basks in the glory of the Sing Dynasty, is tall, contemplates the universe, and dislikes Taylor Swift. She anxiously awaits the day she will become rich and famous.

Austin Pogue '13

Voice Part: Tenor

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major: Economics

Made up Bio: Austin has no idea what his major is, but really likes to go shopping. One time when the Sings went on a trip instead of eating, he went shopping. He also likes purple tank tops.

Real Bio: Bio Probably Not Coming Soon.

Daniela Valdes '13

Voice Part: Soprano

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: History

Minor: Anthro

Daniela was born and raised in Pittsburgh where Jane Alex is also from, but her desire to travel and perpetually present hunger for change drove her to spend all of her high school summers and later an entire year living in foreign countries. She usualy managed this by posing as an exchange student but would later quit the program and travel alone, meeting gypsies and theives along her many dangerous adventures through deserts and in undiscovered caves. So she romantisizes parts of her life. Can you blame her? Silliness set aside, she's just your not-so-average dartmouth student, sings with the sings (of course! all the cool kids do it), plays rugby, tries to go on as many cabin and trail hikes as possible (sober or otherwise), and is a member of the Tabard. One last thing to ease those anxious minds looking for some hot conversation topics for the date. She loves the theater, and, as quoted from facebook, would someday, love to live backstage.

Haley Carstensen '12

Voice Part: Alto

Hometown: Lawrenceville, NJ

Major: Math and Environmental Studies

Bio most likely not coming soon...but maybe it will. Who knows?

Amber Dewey '12

Voice Part: Soprano

Hometown: Amarillo, TX

Major: German

Officer Positions: Webmaster until 12W; Musical Director 11F - 12W

Amber's first love is caffeine. Her second is grammar. The people in her life will just have to accept that. She also loves rainstorms, live orchestras, online surveys, musicals (it's a very obsessive sort of love), things that are arranged by colour, and random conversations. She is known for enabling her friends' procrastination habits. Her favourite colour is green, and she still gets really excited when things she gets from Dartmouth are green...even though it's the school colour. She speaks German decently and when she was in middle school, she taught herself some Dutch, most of which she still remembers. She spent a very troubled year taking Russian and is still under the idealistic delusion that she would like to learn more languages. In the Fall of 2010, Amber worked at Disney World making dreams come true. In the Spring and Summer of 2011, she studied at the University of Tübingen in Germany. If you ever have something you should be doing and don't want to do, call Amber--she will chat with you against her better judgement.

Aryeh Drager '12

Voice Part: Tenor

Hometown: West Hartford, CT

Major: Physics specializing in the Weather

Aryeh enjoys playing minesweeper. He loves pizza and his best summer was when he took summer school US history with a teacher obsessed with buffalo, a student teacher who loved graphic organizers, and a class full of athletes and apathetes. Aryeh was born on Thursday the 12th, and his mother was born on Saturday the 14th, each narrowly escaping the cloud of misfortune that would have plagued them had they been born one day earlier and later, respectively. Apart from his involvement with The Sing Dynasty, Aryeh sings with the Dartmouth Glee Club and draws for The D.

Pierre Guo '12

Voice Part: Bass

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Government

Officer Positions: Business Manager 10S; President 11S - 12W

Pierre enjoys being outside, eating food, and singing in the shower. He really likes to eat Collis breakfast sandwhiches especially the sausage ones, and is always really disappointed when he wakes up too late to get one. He also realized that people actually read these bios and needs to write more fun ones so the new members like him....Bobby? He's totally going to light it up like it's dynamite though.

Stew Towle '12

Voice Part: Bass

Hometown: Portland, Oregon


Born in the backwoods of Massachoosets he left for the Best Coast with his family at the age of two weeks and never looked back (not even to learn the spelling of his birth state). He writes and performs poetry, participates in GLBT life on campus, lives and breathes the theatre and talks to his imaginary mentor and friend Walt Whitman when no one else is around. Most of all he simply adores the sound of his own voice. Long term he hopes to be a profesional eccentric, living either as a nomadic performance artist and wholistic health practitioner or as part of an intentional community engaged in the living act of co-creating a more sustainable interaction between human society and our mother earth. When he's not studying or performing Stew enjoys walking long distances (like hundreds of miles) for no apparent reason, making music (in whatever way he can), and chillin' with his peeps.

Paloma Ellis '11

Voice Part: Alto

Hometown: Washington, DC

Major: Studio Art

Minor: Geography

Paloma (Lo) is into a whole bunch of things which she can't always remember. Among them are working out, doing crossword puzzles, being quixotic, frolicking, and dancing to loud music. At the time which you meet her, she may or may not be wearing underwear. She's trying to become fluent in French and Arabic in addition to her native Spanish and English, but mostly she just confuses herself and uses all four languages interchangeably in conversation. In short, she's kind of a spaz, but a spaz with awesome hair. She is also the president of Tabard.

Brandon Floch '11

Voice Part: Bass

Hometown: Westport, CT

Major: Government and Philosophy

Officer Positions: Business Manager 8F; President 9S; Vice President 9F - 10W

Brandon was Business Manager in Fall'08 which only 5 people in the group can remember. Floch's other half (his twin brother) goes to Wheaton College in MA. He also has a younger brother and sister who are also twins! Two sets of twins, damn. Due to his double major, Brandon spends a large part of his time at Dartmouth reading. His favorite books include The Fountainhead and The Bhagavad Gita. When not doing school, he enjoys lifting weights, hanging out at SAE (where he is a brother), and tutoring. His current goal is to have dinner with Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, and Obama. He's invited all three of them; none have RSVP'd yet though.

Emily Kyker-Snowman '11

Voice Part: Alto

Hometown: Amherst, MA

Major: Engineering and Ecology

Emily is a lumberjill, and she's ok. When she's not running a chainsaw, she likes to sew, cook, and have buttered scones with tea. She also loves taking things apart, watching flowers bloom, meandering aimlessly, climbing, listening to life stories, and firing potato cannons. She dreams of owning a motorcycle, but sadly, her father wants her to live to 25.

James Lee '11

Voice Part: Tenor

Hometown: Cypress, Texas

Major: Music and studying the Environment

Officer Positions: Musical Director 11W - 11S

James Lee is a member of the Class of 2011. In addition to singing with the Sing Dynasty, he is also President of the Dartmouth College Chamber Singers. He is planning to drive all the way accross the country at some point in his life. Oh wait, he already did. James enjoys sleeping to the soothing ambient tones of the Second Viennese School composers, almost as much as he enjoys bathing in chilled sulfuric acid. James's extracurricular activities include extreme cartography, experimental pneumonic medicine, writing songs with lyrics that are wonderfully evocative, but sometimes misconstrued as provocative, and making delicious crepes. James's primary mode of travel is by walking, on his hands. When you meet James, there's a distinct risk of spontaneous explosion, as he is a bomb.

Abby McCann '11

Voice Part: Alto

Hometown: Winslow, ME

Major: Women and Gender Studies

Bio Most Likely Not Coming Soon.

Jess Mesa '11

Voice Part: Alto

Hometown: Lordsburg, NM

Major: Music

Minor: Education

Officer Positions: Musical Director 10S - 10F

Jess Mesa, or Jess Face-a, as she likes to be called, is from New Mexico but she is an old Mexican. Old and grizzled. She eats ranch-covered shoes and she scares off men with her evil insane laughter. Interestingly, she uses perfume instead of bathing, and her hobbies include being a potty mouth and grabbing Emma's butt. She hopes to someday be a band teacher, while retaining her current position as a London drug dealer.

Alex Robinson '11

Voice Part: Soprano

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Government and Pre-med

Made up bio: Jane Alex has two names. She really likes to sing especially as a part of the Sing Dynasty. She's a government major and from Pittsburgh where Daniela is also from.

Real Bio: Bio Definitely Not Coming Soon.(It's been over 2 years now...Let's be realistic)

John Roland '11

Voice Part: Bass & Beatbox

Hometown: Chatham, NJ

Major: Physics and Math

Officer Positions: Business Manager 8W - 10W; President 10S - 11W

John began his life as a corn farmer in Illinois, but when he heard tales of the big city, he knew where he truly belonged. Unfortunately, his parents then decided to move to suburban New Jersey, so his dream was pretty much shot to hell. Anyways, John is a physicist/singer/bass enthusiast who thoroughly appreciates a wide variety of music and is slowly losing the ability to read, write and speak. When he is not singing, he can be found chewing Big League Chew and watching Pete and Pete reruns. Since coming to Dartmouth, he has developed a love for canned peaches but still can't stand when people call him Joro.

Emma Alexander '10

Voice Part: Soprano

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA

Major: Music

Officer Positions: Musical Director 8S - 9W, 9F - 10W

Emma Alexander or Emmalouface is the co-founder of the Sings (oh yeah bebeh) and is tired of being with Mr. Wrong. She's into long walks on the beach, poetry, and bubble baths... no, but in all seriousness she likes singing opera, flipping her hair like she's in a Pantene Pro V commercial, and making immature potty jokes with Jess Mesa (Jess Face-a). Around Dartmouth College she can be seen working at Paddock Music Library, wasting hours at FoCo talking to friends as they come and go, and celebrating winning at pong with Jess by smashing beer cans between her breasts. She'd like to send a shout out to her life partner Amber, her best friend Alison, and Jeebus for being such a good bass.

Allyson Bennett '10

Voice Part: Alto

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Major: History

Minor: Public Policy

Made-Up Bio: Allyson, or Ally, or ABenn, now goes to Yale. So that's cool.

Anne Brown '11

Voice Part: Soprano

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major: Spanish and Elementary Teaching Certification

Officer Positions: Social Chair 8F - 10W

Anne enjoys having fun. She loves children, and her best summer ever was when she worked as a camp counselor. She was born on Friday the 13th which is also her dad's birthday. She has always wanted a boy to write a song about her, but not tell her it was about her, and DEFINITELY not perform it for her because that would be really awkward. In addition to the Sings, Anne is a sister at Sigma Delta sorority. She loves hiking, trees, baking cookies, and people.

Zieanna Chang '10

Voice Part: Soprano

Hometown: Melbourne, FL

Major: Biology

Minor: Women and Gender Studies

Officer Positions: Musical Director 9W - 9S

Zieanna is a '10 best known for "the tick story," in which she demonstrated her incredible loyalty to a friend who had a tick in the most unfortunate place. When she's not telling that story (again) she dapples in cooking and patching/repairing friends' clothing. She's also a Sexpert, and absolutely loves making music with those crazy kids known as the Sings.

Tilman Dette '10

Voice Part: Bass

Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Major: Economics and Mathematics

Bio Coming Soon.

Andy Ferrera '10

Voice Part: Tenor

Hometown: Tualatin, OR

Major: Environmental Studies

Major: Government

Officer Positions: President 8S - 8X, 9W, 9F - 10W

Andy hails from the left coast, growing up in the 'burbs of Portland, Oregon (Ory-gun). When he's not circling the wagons and fjording rivers, Andy can be found shooting massive amounts of bison, carrying never more than 99lbs back to camp. Andy is somewhat crunchy, as all people from the left coast tend to be, and hopes to combine his trendy environmentalism with his passion for bureaucracy to help stop Al Gore's "carbon" from destroying places we've never heard of (Bangla-what?!). Andy is also a member of the Glee Club and the Dartmouth Ski Patrol.

Cody Ruegger '10

Voice Part: Tenor

Hometown: Calabasas, CA

Major: Music

A music major with emphasis in composition, Cody Ruegger plans to pursue film scoring after his graduation. With his dedication to creating music, it should come as no surprise that he's one of the group's arrangers. He is also a fan of football fans everywhere, but not a fan of football itself. Furthermore, he has an inexplicable thing for women in business attire. Visit www.myspace.com/codyruegger to check out his work!

Loren Sands-Ramshaw '10

Voice Part: Bass & Beatbox

Hometown: Washington, DC

Major: Computer Science

Officer Positions: Vice President 8S - 8X, 9W; President 8F

Loren can be found at the Collis salad bar, walking across campus saying hi to every other person, running around the pond, or holed up in Sudikoff, in training to become l33t. His other campus activites include singing in the Glee Club and TAing computer science classes. His hobbies include reading books, acting, and dancing.

David Zeng '10

Voice Part: Tenor

Hometown: Wandering, but has lived in places ranging from Xiantan China, Montreal CA, and Chicago to currently Bothell WA.

Major: Neuroscience and Pre-med

Minor: Ethics

David enjoys meditation/altered states of consciousness, fun, being ridiculous, and fire.

Andy Reza '09

Voice Part: Tenor

Hometown: Lawton, OK

Major: Sociology and Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies