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The Art of Storytelling...

Finding Your Story

What is Your Dramatic Moment?

Who Are Your Main Characters?

What is Your Big Idea?

What is Your Story?


The Art of Storytelling: What's Your Story?

    For while your "big idea" may be archetypal and familiar, your story has to be unique. When you combine your big idea with your character, you've taken a big step in making your idea a story - in short, you've taken an age-old issue like "redemption" and put it to work in a very particular moment in a very particular person's life. The story of redemption will be different depending on your character's gender, socio-economic class, point in history, and so on. Different forces will be at work, and these forces will play out in different ways. The more vividly you portray these forces, the better your story.

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