Because of Mama

    Here is a list of links and other resources that we've found especially useful or interesting. If you know of a site that we should include here, please e-mail Karen Gocsik.

Festival Links
Film Festivals Pro
This is our favorite festival Website, in that it permits you to search for festivals by country, as well as by month. Even better: most of the links are active.

Producer's Masterguide: Film Festivals, Film Awards, TV Festivals and TV Awards
A good site, in that it links to several of the best festivals. Festivals are listed alphabetically. But beware: a few links are old or inactive.

Links to Screenwriting Sites
Final Draft
Buy their software, or check out their Useful Links.

Links to Short Film Sites; sites that show, buy, and/or promote the short film
Atom Films
BMW Films
Madstone Films

Links to Industry Info Sites
indie WIRE
Film Terms Glossary

Recommended Books

  • Syd Field, Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting
  • Syd Field, Selling a Screenplay
  • Robert McKee, Story
  • David Howard and Edward Mabley, The Tools of Screenwriting
  • Ken Dancyger and Jeff Rush, Alternative Scriptwriting
  • Kenneth Atchity and Chi-Li Wong, Writing Treatments that Sell