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Places to Study


Your Room:

You’ll be amazed at how little work can actually get done in your room, or at least, how easily it is to be distracted. Especially in all-first-year housing, people are socializing 24/7.


Berry is a great place to get work done. Bring your laptop and plug it in at any desk, or grab a public computer to get some work done in the middle of the day. Additionally, Novack Café is always there if you need some energy to keep you going. Each of the four floors has different seating options, so whether you like a desk, a comfy chair, or a large table for a group project, you’ll be sure to feel right at home.

Novack Café

Novack is a great place for group projects, as it is always noisy, full of tables with plenty of chairs to pull up, and close to food. During finals, Novack is overrun with groups of people studying until very late at night (Novack is open 24 hours a day, and the café is open until 2am).

Residence Hall Lounges and Study Rooms

Also increasingly popular as the year goes on and the walk to the library (especially from the River or the Choates) seems longer and longer. Just be careful that you don’t get pulled in to watching a movie in the lounge, or talking with friends, who are also “studying,” in the study rooms.

Top of the Hop

A beautiful view of the green is one of the main attractions of this study space. Additionally, it is usually quiet (except for the occasional event that is going on in this space—watch out for that), and full of cushy chairs and couches. Be careful you don’t fall asleep! If you need a break, you can always go down to the Hop Café to grab a snack.

Tower Room and Sanborn Library

These two places are the most picturesque of all the study spaces. The Tower Room is in the upper level of Baker Library (overlooking the green), and it is complete with wood paneling, portraits, and high ceilings (not to mention comfy chairs!). Sanborn is the English library, and it looks the part: rows of books, chandeliers, and tea and cookies served daily at 4pm. If you want to feel a part of Dartmouth history (or Harry Potter) while you study, definitely check out these two beautiful places. But be careful - these are serene settings that are easy to fall asleep in.


Studying in the Student Center may not seem to be the best idea, but if you want good food and don’t mind noisiness, this may be the place to go. During the day, sit in the Collis Café at a table, snag a couch, or take over an empty conference room on the upper level. At night, enjoy a hot cocoa or chocolate cake at the Big Green Bean (a student-run coffee shop) while you do your work, especially if you’re meeting with a group and need sustenance.


The special collections library, Rauner, was recently renovated with bright lighting and computer connections. This place is known for being silent and less crowded than the rest, even though it is right in the middle of campus (in front of Baker library). A good choice when you really need to get something done.

Feldberg Library

For all you River folk, Feldberg is a great option in the winter when you can’t imagine walking all the way to the real campus. So, use the graduate school! Feldberg library has three floors, with numerous desks and internet connections. In addition, Byrne hall, the graduate school dining facility, is open Monday-Friday for three meals a day, and it goes on your DASH account. Eat up!

The Green

Unfortunately, this option is only available for the first and last months of the school year…if you’re lucky. In addition, no matter how much work you intend to accomplish, there is no way that any of it will get done. There is too much going on out on the green, especially in the spring when EVERYONE wants to be outside, throwing Frisbees or sunbathing. However, when the Green is an option, who wants to sit inside and do work?!

Best place to study if...

  • You’re lazy: Your room or the study room in your residence hall. Or Feldberg, if you’re in the River.
  • You have work that you MUST get done / you need silence: Berry (floors 2, 3 and 4), Tower room, Sanborn, Rauner, or Feldberg.
  • You want a view: Tower room, Sanborn, Top of the Hop.
  • You want food nearby: Berry, Novak, Top of the Hop, Collis.
  • You need to meet with a group: Novak, Top of the Hop, Collis
  • You want to procrastinate: your room, the Green, Novak and first floor Berry. Just make sure that you keep getting up for food, otherwise, you might actually get some work done.

For some more info, check out the Academic Skills Center's page about studying.

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