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A Guide to Eating Off Campus

Although not as frequently as you might think, Dartmouth students like to eat out to add a little variety to their meals. One popular option is to just go to free food events on campus, which almost always cater from area restaurants. Some students even do a little grocery shopping and cook for themselves. This guide will give you a good, quick overview of what you might find should you choose to venture past Collis one day looking for anything from a good, cheap meal, to a restaurant perfect for when that rich uncle is in town.

In Hanover

Grocery Stores

  • The Co-op – Full sized, high-ish quality groceries.
  • Yiping's Asian Market – Asian food store
  • CVS – Smaller food items, open 24 hours. Besides Topside, the place to buy sodas, toiletries, and dorm snacks
  • Topside – Not really off-campus, located on the bottom floor of Collis, a smaller, quick stop convenience store

American Restaurants:

  • Molly's – A Dartmouth 'Classic'. Food/bread is very good, not too expensive.
  • Murphy's on the Green – Not as popular as Molly's, but similarly good.
  • Canoe Club – Expensive (easily 30+/person), excellent food, reasonable lunch prices.
    • Perfect for your rich uncle to treat you.
  • Zins at the Hanover Inn – Take a professor to lunch here for free. As expensive as Canoe Club, arguably not as good. They often cater Dartmouth events.
  • Salt Hill Pub – (Lebanon) Good burger joint and fries. Also has killer peanut butter fudge deserts.
    • Note: All bars in Hanover are 21+, don't EVER use fake IDs in Hanover.

Non-Western Cuisine:

  • The Orient (Chinese and Japanese)
  • Yama (Korean) – Great lunch special. Great sushi.
  • Mai Thai – Very good pad thai.
  • Jewel of India – Good Indian food.
  • Taste of Africa – Surprisingly excellent African food.
    • (Not actually in Hanover, but they do a lot of catering for to-go-food purchased on campus.)


  • Everything But Anchovies (EBAs) – Dartmouth 'Classic'. Best known because they accept delivery orders until 2:09 AM.
  • Ramunto's – Best Hanover pizza, by far. Try their garlic knot pizza.
  • C&A's – Has neither the availability advantage of EBAs nor higher quality of Ramunto's.

Mexican Food:

  • Boloco's – Chain-like burrito place, reasonable prices.


  • Subway – Self-explanatory
  • Bagel Basement – Only option for bagels, acceptable quality.
  • Morano Gelato – Tasty and very popular dessert option.
  • Lou's – Popular Bakery/Diner
    • Not to be confused with Fort Lou's All Night Diner (a bit outside of Hanover)
  • Dirt Cowboy Café – Serves the best coffee in town, has sandwiches too.
  • Dartmouth Bookstore – Has a small Starbucks inside.
  • Dunkin Donuts – Located in the Go-Go Mart gas station.

Beyond Hanover:

There's a ton of stuff, but only a few get a lot of mentions...

For Fun/Romance:

  • Moosilauke Ravine Lodge – Yes, go back to enjoy a home cooked meal by the fire!
    • Blitz Moosilauke Ravine Lodge for reservations, open 5/15 to 10/15
  • Norwich Farmer’s Market – Saturdays 9 AM (fruits, breads, goodies…)
  • Lebanon Farmer’s Market – Thursdays 4-7 PM

For laughs early in the morning:

  • Four Aces Diner – (West Lebanon)
  • Fort Lou’s All Night Diner – (Lebanon) Open 24-hours! Good for the 3 a.m. study break during finals if you have the transportation.
  • Baker’s Studio – (White River Jct.)

For a little more upscale:

  • Lui Lui – (West Lebanon) Italian
  • Taste of Africa Catering – (West Lebanon) Suprisingly excellent African food.
  • Koto – (West Lebanon) Pricey Hibachi/Japanese Restaurant
  • 3 Tomatoes Trattoria – (Lebanon) Italian
  • Jesse's Steakhouse – (Lebanon) Owned by the same group that runs Molly. More of a steakhouse feel, perfect to go with your parents and two friends for a great meal outside of Dartmouth.
  • Margaritas – (Lebanon) Mexican Restaurant, fantastic fajitas and very spicy salsas.
  • Bentley's – (Woodstock) American Restaurant
  • Quechee Inn – (Quechee) American Restaurant,
  • Norwich Inn – (Norwich) American Restaurant with classic New England colonial style dining, think rich dishes with sauces, and vanilla a la mode for dessert.
  • Fire Stones – (Quechee) Wood-fired Grill
  • Farmer's Diner – (Quechee) Diner

For dressing up after winning the lotto:

  • Simon Pierce – (Quechee) Glassware showcase/Super-fancy restaurant.
    • Perfect for your rich uncle to treat you. (easily $50+ per person)
  • Carpenter & Main – (Norwich) Dishes inlcude crispy duck confit, 'nuff said.

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