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Although Hanover is a small town, you will still be spending some money around here. Here are some things you might like to do:

  • Eating non-DDS (Dartmouth Dining Services) food, either in town or delivered to your dorm.
  • Clothing
  • Entertainment
  • School or art supplies
  • BOOKS!!!
    • You will most likely be shocked and appalled at the number and prices of books you will have to buy for classes.  The Reserves in Baker can help, buying used off of, or buying the books from a friend who took the class last term. You will be able to get a little money if you sell back your books at the end of the term, but books are a huge expense.
  • Things you’ll find in random quirky shops in Hanover
  • Trips (Montreal, Boston, New York City – all accessible by Greyhound!)
  • Movies at the Nugget (now only $5)
  • Performances and movies at the Hop, and concerts (you can use DA$H for this)

Obviously, you will not lack ways to spend money.  Earning it, therefore, becomes of utmost importance.

Getting an on campus job is a relatively simple task.  The best resource you’ll have is the Student Employment Office’s Jobnet, a search engine that can be accessed through the SEO’s website:  You can search for available jobs using a variety of criteria.  You can then see summaries of positions and contact information for the person in charge of hiring.  Depending on the job you’re interested in, you may need to submit a resume, and interviews are usually required.  Employers range from Dartmouth Dining Services to the Hood Museum to the Admissions Office to the Baker/Berry Library to various positions in community service organizations, and many, many more.  Chances are good that you’ll be able to find a job you’ll find interesting and satisfying, provided you look for it early.

Once you’re hired, your employer will be able to help you file the two forms you’ll need to work at Dartmouth: the W-4 and the I-9.  Despite their scary titles, they’re really not that bad, and you need them to get paid.  By the way, the on-campus minimum wage is $6.25/hour, and many employers will offer more than that.  You’ll begin working a few hours a week (a few = anywhere from 1 – 15, depending on the job and your schedule—most employers are flexible about the hours you work).  You’ll submit timesheets on a biweekly basis and find checks in your HB every other week.  Different employers will have different expectations, but in general it’s good to be punctual, productive, and have a good time!

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