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Building a Community of Friends

Nervous about not knowing anyone at Dartmouth?

No need to worry! You will soon find yourself forming friendships with people in your trips, floors, dorms, clusters, orientation events, classes, clubs, sports teams, etc. If you go on a DOC trip (which you should!), you'll already have a group of friends before orientation even begins! Since Dartmouth is such a small campus, you'll soon see familiar faces everywhere! If you can't wait to start meeting your classmates, then don't. Join the Class of 2016 Facebook group!

The Freshman Facebook Group

Every year, the Admissions Office creates a Facebook group for students to interact and exchange information. While the group can serve as a useful tool to publicize certain events (i.e. when to sign up to give tours for admissions, interesting lectures taking place on campus) it is by no means the perfect representation of your class' interests and activities. There will always be students who do nothing but post on the group, and others who will never even join the Facebook page. While the majority will fall somewhere in the middle, don't draw too many serious conclusions about your upcoming Dartmouth experience solely from the 52 posts about whether Patagonia is superior to L.L. Bean! The best way to truly get a sense of campus life, meet new people, and form genuine relationships is to interact face-to-face here in Hanover. In short, don't read too much into the Facebook Group (notice the silly pun) - it can be a great resource, but should be placed in context with all other things Dartmouth.

High School Friends

As you go off to college, you will be separating from your High School friends for the first time in four (or more) years. While at first it can be difficult to strike a balance between making new college friends and holding on to old ones, there is a medium to be found. With Facebook, Skype, etc., your old friends are just a video chat away, while new ones are right around the corner on your freshman floor! Try to find room for both-while it may be tempting to stay in your room and talk to friends who you are already comfortable with, try to get out and meet new people. These are the classmates you will be living with for the next four years, and hey, if you're both at Dartmouth, there's at least one thing you have in common.

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