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DOC Trips

Every year, the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) puts on a unique pre-orientation experience called Freshman Trips. This tradition is a program where you are grouped with a bunch of incoming freshmen (“trippees”) and a couple of upperclassmen (“trip-leaders”) to take an adventure into the wonderful wilderness of New Hampshire. Through this program, you will not only get the chance to experience the great outdoors, but you will become close to a brand new group of people who you will likely remain friends with for the duration of your college experience.

There are a large variety of trips to choose from. From the adventurous Whitewater Kayaking or “Psycho” Hiking 4 to the more mild Cabin Camping or Outdoor Photography. Whether you are a complete outdoor newbie or a seasoned veteran, Trips gives you the opportunity to encounter a new outdoor experience. Every trip is a different and worthwhile venture, and you are nearly guaranteed to have a fantastic time getting to know your trippees and trip leaders. Not only that, you get to experience firsthand some of the uniquely Dartmouth experiences. You will see upperclassmen adorned with flair, eat a delicious meal in the Lodge, dance the Salty Dog Rag with new friends, learn how to get by without showering for nearly a week, and learn to love Cabot Cheese more than you ever thought you could.

There is a reason why participation exceeds 95% of all students every year. Trips is still one of the highlights of everyone's Dartmouth experience, and it surely will be one of your own!

How Do You Pick a Trip?

The first decision regarding trips is whether or not to attend, and you most definitely should! Trips is your first experience here at Dartmouth, and it is an experience like no other. Trips provides the first opportunity to interact with your class and the upperclassmen who will be working to ensure trips is a success.

After you've decided to attend trips (and why wouldn't you?), you'll have a variety of prospective trips to pick from with a ranking scale of those trips you'd most like to attend. All students have to pick at least one hiking trip, so you're covered there. Be sure to pick the hiking trip you would enjoy most. If you like a challenge, the harder hiking trips provide not only a challenge, but also some of the most breathtaking views of beautiful New Hampshire. If you like a little spice in your life, the hiking and yoga trip might be for you.

Beyond hiking, pick something new and exciting that you may never have experienced. Some of your best memories from trips will be times when you might have been a little out of your comfort zone. Never enjoyed the rugged outdoors? Then try cabin camping! Never experienced the rush of an extreme outdoor sport? Try whitewater kayaking! From rock climbing to trail work, there are plenty of new and exciting outdoor opportunities that trips has to offer. Check out the DOC website here.

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